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My name is Mark Burns
I have worked in public health in its various guises for over twenty years, as well as the voluntary sector. I've got a social science degree as well as a post-graduate health education qualification.

I've experience of writing and actioning a range of strategies on communication and health education.

I've also used popular culture in a variety of ways for health purposes. These include a football comic, an internet site about mental

health for young men and a comedy health event. I've also worked with musicians around health themes. To my surprise I've even won an award for my use of an escapologist for health. I was also heavily involved in the Common Knowledge Arts & Health initiative in North East England. If you want to know more about my background click here.

Help me build up a central health edutainment resource
I am interested in promoting the development of edutainment and other uses of popular culture within public health. I'd like your help to do this. If you have done any work in this area, please let me know. Particularly, if it is based on social market research and evaluated, I'd be keen to link it to this site. That way we will begin to have a central point for public health workers to refer to about edutainment.

Use the site to promote conferences etc
If you are organising any training that is relevant to health edutainment please let me know. I'll put the details up for everyone to see. 

Train in the approach
I can offer training in using popular culture. For a draft course click here.

Contact me if you want to work with me in any other way
In the past I've written for both professional and academic health promotion publications. I'm also trained as a consultant in health promotion issues.

Let me know of any problems on the site
If there are any technical problems with the site or you notice any errors please email me.
Where to find funding
Sorry I don't have any money to support any good ideas you might have for projects. However there is a short section on funding in my report on page 125, as well as on the links section of this website.

To download the whole report on using popular culture to tackle health  inequalities click here

To download the PDF software to be able to view this file click here