To engage the public we need good research and a strong evidence base on how to make better use of edutainment


The website and the document
This page contains any references to data or books quoted on the website that aren't mentioned in the 180 page document the site is based on. (Where on the web pages it refers to Northeast England in the document look for references about Sunderland.)

There are 16 pages of references in the document and they can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. The appendices on social marketing are also there too.

Where pictures aren't referenced they were taken by me.

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Community Development
For more information both on community development and the different ways physical activity can be used read
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Computer Games
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* To visit Second Life itself go to  (To see Suzanne Vega in Second Life go to ) (Both accessed 22 February 2011.) 
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For more information on role models in sports read:
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* For more information on Budweiser and other companies World Cup online campaigns see (Accessed 6 September 2010.)
* To find out about Wimbledon's sponsors see  (Accessed 6 September 2010.)

Healthy Hospitals
For information on health promoting hospitals and the healthy settings approach see
* WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. Healthy Settings. (Accessed 3 August .2010)


* Original picture by Mantasmagorical at display= (Accessed 17 January 2008.)

* For a PDF copy of Sunderland Teaching Primary Care Trust's Talk magazine go to 
(Accessed 17 January 2008.)

Marketing and Social Marketing
* For more information on marketing try the Official Chartered Institute Of Marketing Revision Cards for both the professional postgraduate diploma in marketing and the professional diploma in marketing. These are frequently updated and are published by Butterworth-Heinemann. 
* For more information on social marketing try the National Social Marketing Centre website at 

Mental Health
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Public Health Re-imagined
* The information about the role of public health was taken from Skills for Health at (Last accessed 27/10/7).
For more information on positive psychology and life satisfaction read:
* ARGLE, M., 2001. The Psychology Of Happiness.
2nd ed. Hove, UK: Routledge
For more information on humanistic psychology, how the body, emotions and the mind interact as well as the human potential movement read:
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Public Relations
For more information on PR read:
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Wonderous Stories

* Information on what to learn from the use of stories in politics from Analysis, 2008. Jackanory Politics. Radio. BBC Radio 4. 21 February 2008. Transcript available from  (Accessed 28 February 2008.)
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Written Word
* HADDON, M. 2003. The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time. New York: Doubleday

References from the document that accompanies this website can be downloaded below. They will include any references given on this website that aren't listed above.

Appendices on social marketing from the document that accompanies this website can be downloaded below.

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