The popular culture approach draws on a range of disciplines

The Change Professions

The edutainment approach can involve collaborating with a
range of professions to engage the public.

Learning from other professions without prejudice
Generally the pages on this website are about professions from the world of entertainment such as music or writing. However, edutainment have things to offer and learn from other less glamorous professions too. I have labelled these the change professions. These are all interested in changing people's behaviour, be it for commercial gain or to make a better world. They include public health, health promotion, community development, advertising, PR, marketing and social marketing. These disciplines are explored in more detail on the pages linked to this page. T
hey are written to help people from them gain different perspectives from each other as well as learn about using popular culture.

There are similarities as well as differences between their disciplines. Community development and social marketing, for example, both stress the importance of finding out what people really think. However, social marketing often is used to find the answers to problems that professionals think are important e.g. giving up smoking. Classical community development on the other hand would let people set their own questions. The overall question being 'What is important to you?' Interestingly, some PR professionals are also interested in this question too. This is so they can make their organisation more relevant to key stakeholders such as service users.

Generally the different approaches and tools can be adapted by different professionals for their own uses. I have met resistance from community development workers towards social marketing, for example, because of its name. The 'marketing' part of it seems to conjure up images of the worst excesses of Capitalism. In reality it is  set of tools to do with what you want. Indeed looking at the different theories that the different disciplines have evolved overtime, I wonder how much they have influenced each other. Alternatively, perhaps they all change along with the general ethos of the time. Listening to what people think is an element in the modern thinking of all of them.

I've also added a page on healthy hospitals. This is about the idea of health promoting hospitals and is part of the healthy settings approach to health promotion. It is about whole systems i.e. how can everything to do with the hospital promote health and not just cure illness. My focus however is mainly on health education. It was sparked by the fact that hospitals in England are supposed to encourage staff and local people to become members. This seemed to me to be an opportunity to tie together many of the ideas in this website in one organisation. There are also sections on GPs and workplace health.

Most of the pages give technical information about the profession. On top of this there is information about how the discipline links to edutainment and health. The exception is the piece entitled 'Public health re-imagined'. This is more of a personal essay. I do explain what public health's current role is. However I focus more on how I would like to see it develop. This is a way from focusing mostly on medical problems and more towards how to create a happier society.

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