Gardening and walking the dog are often already suggested as ways to stay healthy by health professionals

Other Forms of Popular Culture

Fashion is popular among
some sections of the UK population. Designers have also reputedly added condom pockets to underwear to enable safer sex. Click here for more ideas on fashion and health

Local research will pay dividends
Although I have listed a number of different sorts of popular culture that could be used as health promotion tools, the list is perhaps endless. If when you do your social market research about a specific target group you find they have a particular passion it is worth thinking about whether it can be used for public health purposes. This will differ not only by subgroup but also across time and space. Popular culture is always changing and new trends will emerge. Who would have predicted computer games 30 years ago? Even within what appears to be constants such as sport, there can be regional variations, e.g. in some parts of the UK, rugby union or rugby league rival football for popularity. Up to date research is therefore vital. This can either be commissioned locally or information can be purchased from companies such as Experian.
This data will help you engage people. Experian can provide information into
* Where different subgroups like to go e.g. places to eat out, bingo etc
* What entertainment mediums they prefer e.g. TV, competitions
* What topics interest them e.g. cooking, gardening, pets etc

Many of these preferences can be used as ways to reach the target group with health campaigns. Although I have concentrated on researching popular culture to link it to edutainment, sometimes it maybe more used more directly. For example, encouraging people to do more gardening or walk their pet more often.

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