Make your job easy, talk to people in a language they understand. Their own passions and interests

Reach the 'Hard to Reach'

 This video, though not directly about health, shows why popular culture is important as an educational tool.

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Engage people through their own interests
Sex and Drugs and Rock... and Health is a website dedicated to using social marketing and edutainment (entertainment/education) to tackle health inequalities and promote health services. This is particularly important in a time of cutbacks when every penny counts. Why waste money trying to engage people in ways that they don't find relevant, interesting or fun? It also fits in well with other current approaches to public health such as resilience or social norms. 

The site shows how to use social marketing to find out what different target groups are interested in and then suggests ways of linking these to health. Detailed examples include the use of
* Pop music
* Comedy
* Magazines
* Romantic novels
* Comics
* Crosswords
* Fashion
* Computer games
* Football

Social marketing can also be a way of finding out what messages etc to include in the various formats.

The approach may be particularly useful with 'hard to reach' underserved groups.

Using popular culture in other areas of health
You might also be interested in Rubin, C. 2008. Popular Culture In Counselling, Psychotherapy, And Play-based interventions. New York: Springer Publishing Company.

I also have another website, Inspiration Jukebox, that maybe useful to counsellors, as well as health workers and the public. Click here to see it.

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